MTC providing the latest management & leadership training programs and techniques which will improve trainees skills , performance and productivity.


Programs Duration
General management
Management of NGOS 5 days
Top management encountering present and future challenges 5 days
Crisis management 5 days
Information System Management and decision support 5 days
Change management in vital installations 5 days
Organizing and managing effective workshops and decision making 5 days
Methods and strategies of distinct leadership 5 days
Planning and Quality Programs
Preparing business plans 5 days
Preparing and awarding tenders and its implementation (workshop) 5 days
Strategic management and planning 5 days
The scientific bases for planning at the different levels 5 days
Planning for self-development 5 days
Planning, following-up and evaluating business 5 days
Soft Skills
Developing managerial and behavioral skills of employees 5 days
Time management skills 5 days
Effective communication skills 5 days
Customer service 5 days
Leadership and behavioral skills of the privileged director 5 days
Team building 5 days
Development of the leadership skills for the middle management 5 days
Effective presentation skills 5 days
Skills to deal with the bosses and subordinates, and supporting institutional loyalty 5 days
Skills to deal with the work pressures 5 days
Effective negotiation skills 5 days
Business Communication 5 days
Humana Resources Management Programs
The replacement of the second row of administrative leaders and linking training with career tracks 5 Days


Modern methods in the management of human resources HRM 5 days
Contemporary challenges and future impact on the management and development of human resources 3 days
Skills of selection, recruitment and conducting interviews 5 days
Interviews for recruitment 5 days
Training needs analysis and preparing training plans 5 days
Preparing training specialist 5 days
 Preparing human resources specialists 5 days
Secretarial and office management programs
Preparing and writing administrative reports 5 days
Creativity and innovation in the desktop work performance 5 days
Simplifying and developing desktop procedures 5 days
Organizing and managing of the achieve 5 days
The use of modern techniques in managing top management offices 5 days
Modern office management and electronic secretary 5 days
Self-development of modern secretary 5 days
Secretarial excellence and good preparation for meetings and committees 5 days