MTC offers courses that help company managers to demonstrates their safety leadership skills and to be a role model for their employees in safety commitment. Moreover, we provide safety programs that increase the knowledge and ability of employees which will help them to complete their tasks in safe manner in the fields of plant operation and maintenance .


Programs Duration
Occupational Safety and Health
Comprehensive program of security, safety and occupational health procedures 5 days
Developing the skills of safety supervisors 5 days
Prevention of risks and accidents at work 5 days
Risk assessment and analysis at work 5 days
Occupational Safety & Health Administration OSHA (510,511) 5 days
NEBOSH International Certificate 10 days
Guide to Industrial Hygiene 5 days
Natural Gas Pipeline Safety 5 days
Offshore Platform Workplace Safety 5 days
Hazard Operability Studies (HAZOP) 5 days
Norm Risk Assessment 5 days
Safety in houses and schools 5 days
Safety for people with special needs 3 days
Safety in transporting and handling of radioactive materials 3 days
Fire Fighting Level 1 – NFPA 5 days
Fire Fighting Level 2 – NFPA 5 days
Fire Accident Investigation 5 days
Developing technical and leadership skills for firefighting supervisors 5 days
Designing and installing sprinklers according to NFPA standers 5 days
Designing and installing gas and foam system 5 days
High angle rope rescue Level 1 5 days
High angle rope rescue Level 2 5 days
Confined space rope rescue 5 days
Controlling environmental pollution 5 days
Environmental management system 5 days
Elimination of different kinds of disposals  5 days
Basic concept of environment awareness 5 days
IEMA International Certificate 10 days
Operation and Process Safety
Process Safety Leadership 5 days
Alarm Management 5 days
Human Factors in Process Safety 5 days
Conduct of operations and Operation Discipline 5 days
Advanced Process Risk Assessment and Risk Management 5 days
Advanced process Hazard Analysis 5 days
New Approach of Culture Improvement 5 days
Security Programs
Strategies of preparing security plans in industrials enterprises 5 days
Implementing evacuation plans, and dealing with emergency situations 5 days
Advanced security leadership 5 days
Security challenges in the current and future international changes (problems and solutions) 5 days
Coordination system in securing forums, conferences and important events 5 days
Security crisis management 5 days
Security problem analysis and taking critical decisions 5 days
Security media in crisis and disaster management 5 days
Total quality management 5 days
Developing the security skills of top management in ports and customs areas 5 days
Supervisory skills of the inspectors and supervisors of the security shifts 5 days
Mental and psychological preparation for the security men (supervisors) 5 days
Auditing and security inspection 5 days
Art of preparing, drafting and writing security reports 5 days
Security Investigation and Inquiries 5 days
Security and public relations in vital installations 5 days
Security in housing compounds 5days
Security of banks and money transport 5 days
Raising awareness of preventive security for workers in strategic enterprises 2days
Basic skills of terrorism and drug abuse fighting 5 days
Rules of Securing documents, information and files in strategic enterprises 5 days
Security patrols within industrial zones 5 days
Carry out Searches and Securing Customs outlets ( air-sea-land ) Ports 5 days
Security of hospitals and health institutions (advanced) 5days
Basic skills for security personnel 5 days
Modern applications for effective security communications 5 days
Developing field skills of security men and supervisors 5 days
Monitoring, following-up and evaluation skills for security men 5 days
Defensive driving and controlling traffic in vital installations 2 days
Modern methods in self and others motivating to improve security performance 3 days
First aid program for security men Level 1 3 days
Physical fitness for security men 30 days
English for security men Level 1 30 days
English for security men Level 2 30 days
Dealing with Hazmat for the security men Level 1 3 days