MTC recognize that in order to achieve vision of 2030 there will be a lot of opportunities for Saudi investors either to develop new business or expand their existing business line . MTC provide customized practical On-Job-Training programs ( short/long ) at our MOSOOK business group organizations.


Programs Duration
Production Management Programs
Modern Production Management 5 days
Production Planning and control 5 days
Contracts Management
Introduction to contract management 5 days
Legal drafting of the contracts and agreements 5 days
Contracts and Procurement financed by the International Bank 5 days
Maintenance contracts 5 days
Disengagement and resolving disputes in procurement contracts 5 days
Contractual negotiation in the area of procurement 5 days
How to start a pilot project? 5 days
Marketing and Sales programs
Marketing and sales programs 5 days
Method of persuasion and presentation skills 5 days
Marketing Management (strategic entrances) 5 days
Effective Management of marketing 5 days
Modern Methods in planning marketing and sales program 5 days
Marketing and electronic commerce 5 days
Modern application in market research using the computer 5 days
How to be a professional salesman 5 days
Market and competitors analysis (strategies and components) 5 days
Evaluating the performance of marketing activity 5 days
Financial and Accounting programs
Managing Investment in securities and Capital Market 5 days
Managing investment portfolios 5 days
Managing investment portfolios using the computer 5 days
Custodians management 5 days
Exchange and capital markets 5 days
Financial instruments and derivatives 5 days
Investments and privatization 5 days
Documentary credits (basic level) 5 days
Stock exchanges and capital markets 5 days
Analysis of financial statements 5 days
Risk-benefits analysis in the management of securities portfolios 5 days
Risk-benefits analysis in the investment 5 days
Islamic Banks and Murabaha system 5 days
Stock role in solving the problems of a lack of liquidity and financial hardship 5 days
Making investment decisions in portfolio securities 5 days
Management of bank branches 5 days
Basic of banking operations 5 days
Preparing banking budgets 5 days
Planning and financial control in the banking sector 5 days
Legal aspects of the securities business and operations for banks 5 days
Risk analysis of bank credits 5 days
Analysis and evaluation of the financial performance of banks 5 days
Governance applications in the banking sector 5 days
Application in detecting forgery of the documents and currency counterfeiting 5 days
Letters of credit and letters of guarantee 5 days
Management of defaulting credit (defaulting between prediction and treatment) 5 days
SWIFT messages for documentary credits and letters of guarantee and documentary collections 5 days
Money laundry operations and how to encounter them 5 days
Measurement of the performance efficiency in the bank branches 5 days
International electronic norms 5 days
Principles of (IFRS) and the preparation of financial statements in the banking sector 5 days
Developments of accounting and banking analysis 5 days
Preparation and presentation skills of reports at banks 5 days
Computer use in financial analysis 5 days
Recent trends in financial planning and economic feasibility study 5 days
Recent trends in in the financial and management control in the government units 5 days
Financing SMEs 5 days
Examine budgets and reading financial cash list 5 days
Accounting for non-accountants 5 days
Firms accounting in the light of international accounting standards 5 days
Recent trends in the management of cost accounting (advanced) 5 days
Recent trends in measuring and improving performance, and cost cut downs 5 days
Cost accounting in the health services sector 5 days
Cost accounting in the construction sector 5 days
Cost accounting in the industrial process 5 days
Accounting in the marine firms 5 days
Budgeting and effective cost control 5 days
Reduce cost and maximize profitability 5 days
Design and rebuild the cost system 5 days
Design and development of cost reports 5 days
Measurement, control and reduces cost in government institutions 5 days
Cost accounting in the cement and construction materials industry 5 days
Cost accounting for non-accountants 5 days
Developments in accounting for the cost profitability and construction contract 5 days
Skill of cost measurement and control 5 days
Legal Programs
The legal rules of the international tenders and auctions. 5 days
Drafting of regulation and legal regulations 5 days
Administrative contracts and legal requirements of the contracts 5 days
The workers’ rights and obligation of the employer according to the labor law 5 days
Domestic and international legal arbitrations 5 days
Integrated skills in the legal affairs 5 days
Negotiation and conclusion of contract 5 days
Managements and oversight of legal contacts and tenders 5 days
Auditing contracts and detect irregularities, fraud 5 days
Administrative investigation and regulations, violations, and administrative sanctions and disciplinary 5 days
Industrial security diploma 35 days
Human resources management diploma 20 days
Business management diploma 20 days
Training of the trainers (TOT) 15 days
Marketing diploma 15 days
Preparation for the job market 25 days